“Neck-length, eye-catching necklaces are all the rage right now. Whether artfully decorated or simply made of shiny metal, they are guaranteed to attract attention. But what is the best way to wear them and make a fashion statement?

What should I pay attention to when buying?
The first rule is that less is more. An eye-catching necklace should always be the highlight of the look and not be covered up by other accessories. So it’s better to avoid earrings, bangles and rings. The same goes for other eye-catching garments. An eye-catcher should always be the focus and not be distracted by other elements. The choice of neckline is also crucial. V-necklines accentuate the neck and make the necklace stand out particularly well. However, you can also wear a round or open neckline as long as the necklace is not too small or delicate. Of course, the length of the chain is also very important. It should reach at least up to the sternum so that it comes into its own.
When it comes to color, there is no general rule – it all depends on what look you want to achieve and what type of person you are. Lighter shades often look more elegant and playful, while darker shades are edgy and mysterious – but of course there are no fixed rules here! Instead, you need to find out which color suits you best (and goes well with the rest of your outfit, of course). For inspiration, we refer to https://jewelrydistrict.de/ . As for the material, gold is still the most popular here (especially in the form of solid gold chains), but silver is in no way inferior to it – especially in recent years, silver has gained a lot of popularity (especially in the form of more delicate chains). But of course, there are many other materials that are used for necklaces – try something new!

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