#1 workother


workother is one of the leading freelance marketplaces that has more than 585,000 independent designers who populate projects with proposals. It comes as an alternative to Fiverr and offers all the core services and features with some new tools. With the help of this platform, businesses can rest assured they receive the outcome they intended.

When posting a job on this platform, employers are required to display the design brief that gives freelancers a clear idea of what they want so they can easily tailor the completed product. With the help, if this job poster can even offer review to their shortlisted or chosen designs for further. SHOW DETAILS

#2 Envato Studio


Envato Studio is the fastest-growing freelance platform for developers, designers, and creative people. In this platform, entrepreneurs find an expert to collaborate with on the project and get accurate results.

In this platform, the most popular categories are WordPress theme customization and logo design in which many freelancer experts. However, they do cater to a massive range of creative projects as well as development and design. SHOW DETAILS

#3 ContentMart


ContentMart is a writing service providing the platform that allows copywriters and authors to get information relevant to their content. This site has a desirable content that can increase your content marketing, and It is a place where your concerns about writing will not stay longer in your pocket. ContenMart is also acting as a great market place for hiring qualified content writers for writing jobs.

This site not only provides content writing service, but there are also so many things to offer such as e-commerce, blogging, and template services. ContentMart enables you to get free access to writer’s portfolio, and also you can directly chat with writers and with native writers as well. SHOW DETAILS

#4 jobdone.net


jobdone.net is all in one best freelancing service providing platform where you can either sell or buy some work. The platform is dispensing the right approach for the freelancers to get their job done more professionally, and you can do any work for any amount. Before making an order, you can contact the freelancer for your project specification and compare prices, portfolios, reviews, and look for the most exciting services.

Once you make a deal with the freelancer, get him to approve for the job, and he will handover all the deliveries to you. You can collaborate seamlessly with the happy reviews if the work is good and provided to you within time limits. Here is the major chance for the freelancing community to grow their career with Jobdone.net because there is everything that you are looking for like web designing or developing, graphic designs, content and copywriting, and much more to add. SHOW DETAILS

#5 SlaveLabour


SlaveLabour is the best-in-class online platform where you can earn via completing small tasks and projects. The platform revolutionizing the new ways in the freelancing arena with the social community, and freelancers can do any task for any amount. SlaveLabour is the place where jobs can be done at market rates, and clients can get professional work from any individual with efficient skills.

The platform is dispensing multiple services like article writing, content writing, developing, management services, and much more. The payments are accepted either through gift cards and Paypal, but you also have the leverage of Bitcoin and Dogecoin as well. SHOW DETAILS

#6 SerpClix


SerpClix is an all in one SERP Click exchange network that comes with a crowd-sourced solution that allows you to improve your organic SEO rankings. The software works by sending click traffic from a real human to search engine results pages and boosting your SEO rankings in no time. You can increase the click-through rate for a given keyword on Google, and the system will link the connection between the site owners and the clickers.

Once the website owner provides a URL or keyword, the software automatically calculates the required searches that keyword needed to increase site ranking. There is a team of workers who clicks your website multiple times, and all the searches and clicks are managed through a browser extension. This means there are no bots, only the real human visitors, and turn the bell on with positive SEO ranking. SHOW DETAILS

#7 Task Tender


Task Tender is a place where you can hire someone, sell services for money, and make a list of tasks free of cost. The platform is facilitating freelancers to grow their skills with the repetitive work order by someone and delivering professional work on time, and their rank will increase accordingly. All the prices are mentioned on the Gig with the services so you can find the best prices out of all.

Task Tender is a peer to peer marketplace that aimed to connect people with the workers who are willing to do some work for money. The payments are automatic; once you deliver the project and the client is satisfied with your work, your payment will be provided to you. Furthermore, Task Tender is easy to use, having an intuitive dashboard, and is suitable for some who wanted to earn some money via completing the Micro Tasks.

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